Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guitarist Tunes Up - unitar battle of the band

audition is 5.30 tomorrow at grido studio. finale is on 7th april, 12.00pm at unitar's students lounge.

ok im fucken tired, fucked up and a bit "unicorn riding" right now. first kitorang tak nak masuk, then syataf join azam & azzief's band. ok thats cool. they gonna cover smashing pumpkins. when theres azam and azzief, u know its gonna be fucken awesome.

then azzief mcm "dude ko masuk ar dow. x ramai band register." ok i was like, fuck this shit jom masuk. but syataf xde coz rockstar ar jd vox 2 band hahaha! dgn lineup x stable, kitorang slambe register. permanent sessionist, 15 years young remy on bass and celine (reminds u of ereen lastxminute, bleh check kat sini gak) on mic.

its "event sekolah" so we're gonna be like "band sopan2" no fuck this and fuck that. no chaos. no we're not playing fuck police brutality. not gonna thrash the place. not gonna piss on the floor. yeah if u dont like it then fuck you. fuck ur mum, fuck ur sis and fuck u again, fuck the school, fuck the teachers, i like porno and fuck you! hehh no laaa. kitorang just play for fun and we dont give any fucken shit if u dont like it.

ouh yea checkout guest band, malaysia's pakcik2 punk rock, subculture!!!


  1. ape ni groupie ke?!!

  2. ape lancau hang ni, polis ke. tu x bleh, ni x bleh.

    woi tu aunty aku ar, die mmg wish good luck kat sume bende. hang nak kene sumpah jd durian?

  3. korang ketat gila td!!! and korang ada ereen!!! sesuai ngan sound korang...drummer macam gna steroid la!!!!


  4. hahaha! bkn ereen,celine. marah ereen nnt. thanks! asal korang anonymous ni? xde blog sendiri ke fesbuk,etc?

  5. aha, dude, xkn xleh recognize muka ereen... i dan dia lain gler kot.. but damn, agak terkejut sbb org compare i dgn ereen.. haha... thanks anyway :)

  6. terrrbaaeeekkk!!!!!

  7. kenape kene sumpah jadi durian pulak?

  8. sbb durian buah paling punk rock dlm dunia. die punye bau pun dah cukup crusty..